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waiting for go games to finish or how i discovered another fun unix console game

i'm at adam's right now playing around on the internet. ryan and adam are playing go and adam is mopping the board up. seriously for realz. hehe.

i'm really quite tired and waiting for them to finish the game. meanwhile, i started playing a new game i found in the bsdgames collection. have you ever tired snake? it's really quite interesting and seemed quite addictive. at first i was really writing it off, but after a while, i found that it was really addictive and entertaining. too bad i don't have a server where all my users actively use it and maybe play that game. the top scores done do very good without many other users on the system playing around with it. but then it might just be fun because i'm really tired. not quite thinking straight.

i'll bug them about leaving again now. i would go, but i don't have my car with me right now. it's at my house and ryan drive out to seattle. it is nice not having to drive, though. oh well, you give a little and take a little.

maybe i'll just lay down and nap while they finish. heh.
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