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had dinner with chris at chang's mongolian grill. always good and very filling. after that, we stopped by solstice to see the thing everyone was up in arms about. it was pretty cool. haven't seen poetry sessions like that before. quite interesting. we stuck around for a little bit before heading to tower to spend some money. i bought myself this "new" faithless album called "Back to Mine" which is actually just a mix cd of music the members of faithless like. it's interesting. not sure quite what to make of it yet. the mixes between songs is really clean, which is impressive because the songs are pretty varying.

then we headed back to chris's place and watched 'history of the world part 1' which i hadn't seen in the longest time. funny movie. mel brooks is quite silly. heh.

i'm going to finish listening to this album, and then i'm going to bed. work tomorrow morning at 10:30. tomorrow will be pretty busy cause after work i need to eat and then head straight over to tim's play so that he won't put a bomb in my car. one must take some threats seriously, no matter how silly they sound.

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