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I'm a member of an apelike race in the asshole end of the 20th century

the BBQ was good. tasty food and neat people to talk to. i really enjoyed being able to see brendon this weekend. i look forward to the next time he is up here.

i tend to write part of a post (maybe two or three sentences) and then interrupt my writing to read other's posts. normally, i will spent 10 to 20 minutes reading, and then come back to finish my contribution to the livejournal community. tonight i did the same thing. but there was a post there that made me think and i really want to point people to it, cause i have had similar feelings. todd's post has really reminded me of myself. for the longest time, i only had a couple really close friends. i have never been really good at reaching out to people to make friends. i tend to just try and keep and treasure my close friends and i don't worry about others. until recently. i'm not sure if it's a cause of livejournal or what, but i have met so many people in the past several months that it has actually made my life somewhat busy. it seems spending time with others is an addictive behavior. i think i need to reevaluate my time i spend with myself vs. the time i spend in groups of friends. it's something to think about anyways.
now if i could only somehow pull a girlfriend out of this group of new and interesting people i have met. heh.

on that note, i will go back to reporting my day happenings. after the bbq, i stopped by mark's to see what he was up to. homework (i actually expected it) was keeping him busy. i was looking for someone to go to a movie with me. the problem i had was no phone or way to contact others that may have been interested. i ended up just going to a movie alone. i suppose it was better that way anyways because no one should see the movie i ended up seeing. please, avoid the movie ''monkeybone. it's a waste of money and time.

once i got home after watching that movie, i wanted to balance out the bad movie with a good one. so i watched 'casablanca' because you can never go wrong with the classics. :)

i should clean out my mailbox. too much diplomacy related mail in there right now.

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