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connection is still painfully slow, but it is a little better. i've given up trying to do anything online. i decided instead to read.

I checked the list of who has added me to their friends list and there was about 4 or 5 new people. of the usernames i didn't recognize, almost all of them added me because they have a friend named patrick and so when they were making their friends list, they put the names of their actual friends. almost all of the people that have done this are girls.
as for those new people who are aware of what they are doing, um.. hi. thanks for reading. :)

speaking of friends list, i have been thinking of cutting mine down, but i can't think of anyone i read that isn't interesting enough to cut from the list. they are either really interesting people, people i know personally, or both. but there is so many people. what to do, what to do.

but now i think i should go to bed. tonight has been a night of wild mood swings. i wish it was raining. i would go outside.

oh, carley is out of town, so i have no lunch plans tomorrow. anyone free for lunch?
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