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i just woke up. i had set my alarm for early, but this time is ok too. the time falls in range specified in 'brad's law for waking up'. it was about 12:30. :)

anyways, plans for today include.... um... i don't know. i think i'm going to get dressed and go out and drive around. i'll find a nice, cheap restaurant and get some lunch. right now, i'm finishing up mp3ing this die warzau album. then i leave.

project idea: write a perl front end for mp3ing my cds. all the front ends for cdparanoia that also mp3 the songs have really sucked, imho. i just want something simple that would grab the CDDB (or that free alternative) info and make id3 tags. but everything out there is annoying. blah. anyways, i should do that because it would be a quick project that would be interesting enough for me.

enough rambling. look, it's already pass 1. i need to go get ready.

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