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today was quite fun. i left the house around 1:30 heading for seattle, hoping to meet up with meena to see a play with a bunch of people. when i got out there, i was too late to meet up with them, so i just wandered around the u-district for a while. after an hour or so, i happened to bump into adam and meena. they missed the play as well so i didn't feel quite so dumb. we then wandered around the u-district some more while adam looked for an apartment to move to and meena looked at comic stores in search for wonder woman things.

after doing that for several more hours, we head up over to meena's and kill a bunch of time. manage to talk to evan and melissa and convince them to meet us at adam's in a couple hours. much time is spent talking and joking around. we eventually manage to get to adam's and shortly there after, evan shows up followed by melissa, and then finally todd, who we also invited.

talking and listening to music continued late into the night until bill went a little crazy and weirded us out. at that point evan and meena left and the rest of us moved to a different part of the house. another hour or so spent talking and then we left for our separate ways.

that's the quick summary of the day. there was many details i could go into, but i'd rather leave those for me.

now i'm talking to brendon and then i plan to go to bed. i have to work in the morning at 10.

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