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so i just got back from seeing hannibal. this movie is hard to describe. i would like to explain it this way. silence of the lambs is a better movie (of course), but this one does add an interesting element to the story. being a person that has only seen the movies and not read the books, i thought this movie was a very interesting look at the character hannibal.

and now for a comparative analysis of hannibal vs. silence. silence of the lambs was about the mind games that hannibal played with clairece starrla. the focus of buffalo bill was really just used to display the cunning of hannibal to get what he wants. he uses the buffalo bill case to escape from the mental institution. he manipulates the situation and in the end, gets what he wants. he disappears into the crowd.
in hannibal, the movie starts with his mind games. he is anonymous in the world and he comes back into focus by choice. he wants to play these games still. it's been so many years and with starrla coming back into the limelight, now is his chance. anyways, the whole first half of the movie is the mind games that are so very interesting. as the movie progresses, though, it becomes more about grossing out the viewer. not that there is really anything wrong with that. it makes for a decent movie in it's own right. but it isn't as good as something like intelligent mind games. oh well.

to sum it up, i really liked the movie. if i didn't like it, i wouldn't have written a long review like this. so yea, i recommend it. also, see silence of the lambs if you haven't seen it. maybe it would be worth it to see it again sometime soon if you haven't seen it for many a years. :)


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Mar. 30th, 2001 09:33 am (UTC)
Hannibal + Psychoactive drugs = Comedy
When I went to see Hannibal, I had just started on a new antidepressant. I had no idea what the stuff was going to do to me but I had to take it just before we left. My fiance' and my sister were with me. And for some reason, I found myself laughing through half the movie. "Ohhh look! That guy's eating his own brain! It's FUNNY!!" Oops. I guess that was a spoiler. Well, sorry. Anyway... I would like very much to see the movie again when I'm not drugged...
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