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home from work. each day gets a little easier. i can't wait until wednesday when i money. i'll be so much more relaxed once i cam able to start paying off debt.

Oh, i asked for time off from work at the end of the month for my road trip. I haven't talked about this on my journal yet. maybe i should. On March 1st, I'm going to drive to idaho to visit my brother, mike. On the way, since I'll be in idaho, I am thinking of stopping in boise and staying there for a night. I hope to meet tyler when I'm there. I've already talked to him and he seems keen on meeting a random person from livejournal so it should be fun. the trip will last from march 1st to march 5th. I'm sure I will talk about it in more details in the weeks to come.

tonight, i have no plans. i'm thinking of watching a movie, though.

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