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so here is the situation with navi. ftp and telnet are refusing all connections. also, if i try and log in on the console the connection is refused. But if i try and log in using ssh, it works fine. The last major program i installed on this box was ssh1 i think so this my be a cause. it's hard to say, though.

There isn't a lot of clues laying around on how to fix this. in the messages log, ftp leaves this message:
Jan 24 19:56:26 navi wu.ftpd[1167]: connect from patrick@
Jan 24 19:56:28 navi ftpd[1167]: ACCESS DENIED (not in any class) TO moonunit []
Jan 24 19:56:28 navi ftpd[1167]: FTP LOGIN REFUSED (access denied) FROM moonunit [], patrick
Jan 24 19:56:50 navi ftpd[1167]: FTP session closed

telnet is not as verbose and only shows that i connected to the telnet daemon.

I'm digging through the logs now and it seems that the first day it was broken was Jan 21. I will update as i learn more.

Looked at my journal from about the 17th (which has a successful ftp connection on it) to the 21st. I didn't do anything to the system during those days.

This is very puzzling.

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