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DVD news

Well, I have been jumping around the DVD sites to get the latest DVD news. Here is what I've learned that is note worthy.

  • Tank Girl is coming out on DVD in april! About fucking time! w00t!!!!
  • There is too many dvds i want. it does me no good looking. sigh
  • The Latest Twin Peaks DVD news:
    -The movie 'Fire walk with me' is on hold until new line cinema can get the rights to the deleted scenes. The rest of the dvd is done and once they get the rights, they are releasing a really fucking cool edition of that movie. I can't wait
    -The series is owned by artisan films and the first 7 episodes are stated to be released in the fall of 2001. :( This release date has been pushed back more then a year from it's originally stated release. Also, artisan is having problems getting the rights for the pilot. I hope everything works out in the end. I know that when they release this, I will be in line right at the front to get my copy.

    Other interesting david lynch news. he directed a commercial for a playstation 2 game. it's available for download. it's kinda weird but interesting, never-the-less. it looks like the typical david lynch commercial. heh.

    That is all for now. I need to go to bed.
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