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went and saw 'antitrust' with chris. I really liked the movie. After watching it, it really made me want to get out and install linux and say 'go open source'. if you are a computer nerd, i think you will enjoy it. as for everyone else, i'm sure it wouldn't be as great, but it's still a fairly decent thriller. really, it's not as bad as everyone seems to claim. i actually want to see it again.

i was thinking about this. wouldn't it be cool if when that movie comes out on dvd, it came with decss? and maybe it wasn't encoded itself? if they did that, no only would that movie instantly become the coolest movie ever made, but it would truly help with the political causes that open source fights for. it would be the right thing to do.

after the movie, me and chris went to adam's where there was lots of people hanging out. played 'tony hawk' and listened to placebo until it hurt.

pretty tired now. haven't been getting a lot of sleep cause i have been working, but i get a little break now. i'm not scheduled to work until next thursday. i need that break.

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