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spent the evening watching movies with mike. we watched 'slc punk!' and then 'ghost dog'. i love both of those movies. so good. also got to talk to mike for a while. he leaves tomorrow morning so this was good time to spend with him. it is decided that i need to come out and visit him in idaho. I'm thinking in February. i need to get a job and save a little bit. not much is needed. just some money for gas and food. it would be really fun to go out for a weekend. speaking of a job, tomorrow i'm going to party for less to see if they want to rehire me. it won't be a forever thing, just something to do while i try and get a better job. i would like something tech but i don't like temp agencies. i need to try harder about that sort of thing. another thing i need to do is contact evan tomorrow cause he is back in town.

i need to get out of this house. need to start saving money for real. i spent too much money while working at at&t. it was so easy to. i just didn't think about these sort of things. and now i have all these bills that are quickly becoming too much to deal with. i always seem to do this sort of thing.

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