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i just got home. evan picked me up and we (also kim and ryan) went to adam's. we watched the movie 'winter sleepers' which is another movie by the guy that made 'run lola run'. it was really a good movie. the director impresses me and i want to see more of his movies.

also at adam's was danny, leah, and abbie, who i hadn't met before. she was really a nice person. had some interesting things to say. bill was around as well, actually. it was really fun hanging out. there was game playing and lots of talking. we weren't playing attention to the time and that's why it's so late now. oops. heh.

hopefully i didn't forget to mention anyone. i'm pretty tired now and i need to get to bed. tomorrow i have to do things. these things include christmas shopping, finding a job(isn't that always on my todo list?), mailing the wang chung present which i have almost already to go. i need to put the address on it still and get postage. it's going to be late as it is. sorry wang chung buddy. :/

i sleep now....

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