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a long post for a long day

I suppose i should post. I just finished reading everything i missed today. it feels like forever that i have made a post. it's actually been about 16 hours i think. a new record for pat? maybe, but who really cares. i like posting to livejournal.

me Erin and tiff went to Seattle to go Christmas shopping. this means walking to lots of stores. so we went to downtown Seattle and tried to find parking for about an hour or so. we checked about 5 parking lots before we found one that had parking in it. it was insane down there. i know it's the Christmas season, but goddamn there was a lot of people. we then walked around downtown for a long time looking at every shop the two girls wanted to look at. it was nice to walk around the city with company, though.
after shopping for a long time, we all start getting hungry so we go over to the old spaghetti factory. that was a good idea and i really enjoyed it. ate so much. ahh. must return there many more times.
after eating, the girls were not done shopping so we went to the alderwood mall. i was just about going insane by the end of that. but wait there was more! the bon, and target. oh man. we got done with the shopping around 10:15 or 10:30. after that, i contacted Evan and then headed over there.
i'm not really ranting about shopping with the girls as much as just how long it was. i really did enjoy hanging with them and i always look forward to doing things again. maybe just not shopping. ;)

once at Evan's, Ryan, Evan and I went to Erik's and watched 'vampire hunter D'. one of my favorite animes. i really need to buy/get that one on dvd. i was really excited when i first heard that it was coming out. i even posted about it. i don't want to find it now, though. to many posts to look through. i may look for it later and then update this post. :)
export my journal, then grep for vampire hunter d maybe? :)

after watching the movie, we headed back to Evan's place. Kim was there helping carol hanging Christmas stuff. we all hung out by Evan's computer and talked. good times then. :)

when i got home (at about 3:50), Tim was in the kitchen. the kettle was on the stove and the stove was on. the only problem was that the kettle had no water in it and it was melting. oh no! poor Tim was too tired to really function (he kills himself with this school work. i never worked that hard in high school). so i helped clean things up. after that, i went to my room.

i'm going to bed now. so very tired and it's so late.

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