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i was just looking at the access log for my website and am seeing very interesting things.
first, there is people looking for mp3s on my page that haven't been there for over a year. never mind the people looking for the ones that disappeared 3 months ago. also, a lot of these hits that are looking for mp3s are international. very interesting.

it's also interesting to see the various robots that hit my page. there is one there looking for robots.txt. that's good. someone is following the rules. :)

there is also this log, which i find really funny: - - [03/Dec/2000:20:42:57 -0800] "GET /hackhackhackhackhackhackhackhackhackhackhackhackhackhack hackhackhackhackhackhackhackhackhackhackhackhackhackhackhack hackhackhackhackhackhackhackhackhackhackhackhackhackhack hackhackhackhackhack HTTP/1.1" 404 472

i broke it up so that it wouldn't break lj styles like mine. :) it's actually all one word, though. someone was bored, i guess. :)

i'm leaving for my sister's place now.

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