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the net party was a great success. lots of fun. i picked up evan and kelly and we got there around 2:30. lots of hacking the computers to make them work, but that's to be expected. some things to point out about the night. first, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TONY! :)
second, i got to see lots of people that are a pleasure to see. the first people that come to mind are everyone that lives at the house (adam, bill, jon, chris), kim, jeff, tony, danny, evan, & kelly. there were more people, but i can't remember.
third, my computer worked for every game except TA. that was kinda odd because i've never had problems with that game before. maybe i just need to upgrade it or something.
forth, i got to clean up my windows partitions, which was nice. cleared up lots of space and got some more mp3s. i also got a really fun game called rune. it's like a first person shooter, except there is no guns. only swords and axes. we all played that game for many an hour. i would like to play to more soon.

well, my computer survived the party and the transportation. i'm a little concerned because when i plug it in here in my room, the computer fan was much louder then normal. i hope it doesn't go out. it seems to stop making the noise so maybe nothing is wrong. that would be nice.

i think windows needs a reinstall on this computer. that tends to annoy linux, so maybe this is the best time to do that because linux isn't working quite yet.

plans for today include a nap, doing some job searching stuff, and cleaning my room. not a busy day, which is good. for now, i think that nap is a good plan.

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