The Greatest Fucking Genius of All Time (patrick) wrote,
The Greatest Fucking Genius of All Time

peace cafe was quite fun. bill and mike showed up. i talked to bill and a guy who's name has escaped me. movies seemed to be the topic of the night. after a bit, me and bill started to discuss computer stuff. that was fun as well. bill is smart.

after being at the peace cafe for a while, we all left and went to denny's. bill bought me some food (such a nice boy) and there was good times spread all around. after a while, we left and i dropped bill off. back at the hizzouse now. nothing really exciting going on around here, though. i'm feeling groggy. maybe i'll go to bed soon for a change. evan talked about doing something tomorrow, but i haven't heard anything more from him. but i'm free and willing to do things (as long as it doesn't cost money).

i should look for a job tomorrow as well. i hate job hunting. bill suggested working at an isp. maybe speakeasy or bazillion. but i'm not sure what i could do there besides tech support. not enough experience to do anything else. oh well, even tech support would be fine.

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