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i was driving out to adam's place and while on I-5, my car starts to sputter. i look at the gas and it's sitting on E. i think oh fuck and get off on the next exit. this puts me near roy street. the car dies and so i push it to the side of the street. then i walk up to broadway hoping to find a gas station. there is one on roy and broadway, but it's closed. i'm really thinking oh fuck now. i call adam and let him know what's happening. he says that they will come on out and save me. so i wait at the gas station for a while. a employee drives by the gas station and sees me. he stops and lets me fill up my gas container (which i got about a year back when i was having problems with a different car). once the gas container was full, my saviors showed up and drove me to my car. i put the gas in and we all went to minnie's for food.

i put another gallon and a half on my way home. i need to find some money. the problem is i'm broke. this leads me right into another topic. i need a job. i was talking to stephine and she mentioned giving me someone's name at Microsoft. that would be a fine job. it pays well enough. :)
so i'll hope that works out and then i won't have money worries again.

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