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reinstalling linux

i have a plan for tonight. something to keep me busy and potentially fuck me over in the long run. sounds like fun already. here is the idea.

i am going to reinstall linux. I have been thinking about doing this for a while, i just have been meaning to make some time. well, what better time then now? I have backed up my home directory and the root home directory. i made sure that the hidden files got backed up as well. i think i will back up /etc as well. those are the important directories. everything else can be flushed. one advantage to doing this is i will have the chance to redo my partitions. i have broken many things on this system while playing around with it. i would like to return it to working order again. since i have two computers, i can keep you all up-to-date on my status. i just hope everything works for the best.

so that's it, moonunit is getting renewed. here is a question, i want to install X version 4. should i try and install it from a system with no X stuff on it at all, or should i install x 3.3.6 so that there is a working version of x on there no matter what? any advice is helpful.

cross your fingers for me. here goes nothing!
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