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time for a post.
after going to costco and buying some really cool gloves, i headed for the u district. i had my mom's cell phone on me so i called evan to see what he was up to. he just so happened to be headed for dinner, so i called mark who wasn't doing anything important. only homework. heh.
i interrupted him and we played this crazy tetris game for the N64. mark kicked my ass most of the time and then we chilled for a while. mark had to go back to doing homework so i left for evan's place. i get up to his dorm and he is just returning from getting dinner. he tells me how cool At the drive-in is and then plays some tracks. and then plays them again. and then again. it's all good though because it was pretty good music. reminded me of modest mouse a little bit.
after a while, adam shows up and starts to irc. he claimed he hadn't done it all day and was going through withdrawals or some such nonsense. after a while he starts to complain about not eating so we go to denny's. milkshakes do us good and the waiter talks about his love of clothes. *shurg*
we come back to evan's for a little while longer and leave. i take adam back to his house and then get home myself. kinda tired now.

amazing how much detail i give in such a little space. i have always been fairly concise with my writing. i never seem to write more then i need to and i often times write less then is needed. oh well. i find often find it ironic that i use livejournal so much. i don't like to write normally.

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