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a slow day here in patland

I haven't really done much today. at around 4, I left the house for a little bit. went to costco and looked at the dvd selection and got some food. there wasn't really anything that was a must buy there. i think my need to buy lots of dvds is fading. but that didn't stop me from going to wherehouse music and looking there too. i did find something worthwhile at wherehouse. the straight story is now on dvd. i bought it as soon as i saw it. this is the movie i was waiting for. such a powerful film.

there is an interesting note that is inside of this dvd case. instead of a chapter list, david lynch wrote this:
I know that most DVDs have chapter stops.
It is my opinion that a film is not like a book - it should not be broken up.
It is a continuum and should be seen as such.
Thank you for your understanding.

David Lynch

interesting comment.

so buying that movie brings my dvd collection to 99 titles. so close to the triple digits. i wonder what number 100 will be?

some plans for tonight could be hanging out with someone if they want to, going to a movie (there is a little nicky preview tonight), watching a dvd, or whatever else comes up that could be entertaining. not sure.

one other thing to note, got the recruiting email from aventail. i'm crossing my fingers that i get an offer. that would be so cool. :)
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