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my election react

I have been reading reactions to the election ever since last night when i was having my reactions. but that some time has passed, and i have had some time to think about it, here is my thoughts.

  • if bush turns out the winner, the country is not going to go to hell in a hand basket. true that the president picks the nominees for the supreme court, but before the enter the court, they must also be approved by the senate by a (correct me if i'm wrong) 2/3rds majority. with the senate split right now the middle, no supreme court nominee that is crazy or whatever will get in. it just plain won't happen.
  • if bush starts some war or some other crazy theory that he may do, it won't get to the point of a draft. just look at the gulf war. any sort of conflict, whether it be something i agree with or not, won't get so big that me or my peers start getting drafted.
  • concerning the electoral college, i'm not upset by that at all. I feel that any call to protest is an extreme reaction that is too early. we should at least wait for some things to clear up first with the polls in florida.
  • the issue on the voter turnout and people criticizing the people that didn't vote. i'm not sure what sources you are seeing, but from the things i read and noted from my friends, voter turnout was very high. compared to other elections in previous years, this is the highest voter turnout since they lowered the voting age to 18. most of my friends voted. whenever i talk to someone about the election, they voted. this makes me very happy that people care enough to vote because apathy is really high in my generation (myself included many times).

    on the crazy election itself, i am dying to find out if anything questionable really happened in florida. that would make things even more interesting. voter fraud is bad, but it makes for great news.

    i think that's it from me. i can't think of anything else right now.
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