The Greatest Fucking Genius of All Time (patrick) wrote,
The Greatest Fucking Genius of All Time

i'm in windows right now. have been playing some games and then i remembered why i don't play them very often. so many games start with a good premise, but just don't seem to take it far enough. oh well.

i watched 'rushmore' tonight as well. that movie is so good. i am in awe. whenever i see good movies like that, i start to think about how rewarding it must be to create something so beautiful. it makes me dream of being involved in the movie business. i would love to spend the time needed to work on a film. i would love to take classes on film production. i have worked with cameras and editing machines before and it's such a fun and interesting form of art. one problem i see with this dream is that i would need a script in order to make a film and i have no script, or do i have to writing talents to make something interesting. maybe i just don't have faith in myself. i do think i have the creative vision to direct a film, though. something to look more into and invest some time and money into. sometimes, dreams are wonderful.

i'm a little tired, but not enough to go to bed. what i really need to do is invest the time for more physics studying. i'm a little hungry. maybe i'll go to denny's and work on it.

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