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charlie's angels

after school, i met up with janice. we went and got lunch at crossroads and killed time around there. wizards of the coast is cool. i played a card game with one of the employees cause he was trying to sell me the game. :)

we killed more time in barnes and noble and i read 2600 there for a while. didn't buy it, though. after killing time for a good long while, we saw the movie 'charlie's angels'. let me take a moment to talk about this movie. it was cheesy, the plot was silly, and I loved it. bill murry was very funny as was all the female leads. the big surprise for me was Sam Rockwell. he was fantastic in that movie. he is a great actor and i love him in the two or three movies i have seen him in. Another person to note is Crispin Glover. He plays his unnamed villian wonderfully. I recommend "charlie's angels" if you are looking for a good action flick that has lots of eye candy in it was well.

tonight, i need to do some things. i don't have a lot to do, though.

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