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a fun filled night

i am at erin's apartment now. everyone has gone to bed and i will be going to sleep soon myself. here are the events of the night. when i got here around 10, only erin was here. we sat around and then decided to shave my head. so armed with a pair of scissors and a razor blade, we spent an hour shaving my head. it was crazy. erin was doing it for a while until her roommates arrived her and then alex took over. once that was done and everyone was in costumes, we headed for the party. we got there around 1:30 and waited in line until 2. at that point they were telling us that the party was going to get shut down. we sneaked in anyways and danced for about an hour before the cops shut the party down.

this was the best party i have ever been to. seriously. it reminded me of those new york city parties you see in movies where everyone is dressed up all crazy like. everyone was in a costume and a lot of the costumes were crazy and impressive. also, the music was fantasic. every room was great. no matter where i went, i was loving the music. :)

after the cops forced us to leave, we were going to go to someone's house, but the group was tired so we all headed back to the apartment. chilled for a while talking with everyone. slowly people disappeared in their bedrooms, though. now only i'm up. oh well, it's bedtime anyways. tomorrow, when i get up, i think i want to see blair witch 2. but you know me, always changing plans at the last minute.

i'm really tired now. sleep is calling.

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