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The Kingdom, Night One

Back from the first night of the kingdom. My analysis so far? I'm really enjoying it. It actually really reminds me of twin peaks. like if twin peaks and E.R. had a baby and then Lars von Trier was given nursing duties. A comparison to dancer in the dark? The camera work is exactly the same (hand held camera) but that's just von Trier, if I understand what he does. I will write a good review of the whole show once all three nights happen. but at least I'm enjoying it. bottom line: It doesn't suck. hehe

after the movie, we went to safeway and bought some food. then came back to mark's room and played perfect dark for a little bit before we all went our separate ways.

tomorrow, helping danny in the day. at around 4:30 or 5, i will need to drop what i'm doing to go meet everyone for kingdom night two.

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