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if no one remembers me, do I exist?

i hung out with erin for a little bit. I also finished lain. lain's ending was really quite interesting. must think about it some more.

i forgot to do this lab write-up for physics so i'm doing it now. it should be nice and quick. not a problem.

ender is down right now. I was hoping that mike would be able to get it back up before the night, but apparently not. he is installing a wireless network, i think. i am not happy with anymore. partly because mike was kinda a dick about my usage. I was warned once before about the mp3s, but i think this is an over-reaction. blah. i need to get my files from there. maybe next week i will get ownership again. i hope so.

also, i checked the price for hosting my site at some places if i can't find a place. there is a company that offers 5 gigs of transfer and 100 megs (thats more then i was using) for $20 a month. that's more then i pay mike but it's much much much less then he claimed i would have to pay. he was talking about if i got hosted by his company, i would have to pay $150 a month. bah!

well, back to work on this lab report.

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