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a fall out in my physics lab

done with my class now. on the way there, i saw janice so i said hi.

class was interesting. it's my physics lab so i work with three other people. we were working and staying on top of things when all the sudden, one of the people in my group blew up at us. saying that we aren't focused and that we aren't taking the class seriously. this is an odd thing to say, though. he was a little behind where the rest of the group was and was trying to catch up. all we (the rest of the group) were doing was discussing the questions that analized the lab experiments. so i was rather confused by his comments. also, it ruined the positive work vibe that we had so the group is now behind. that really sucks. bah! stupid people.

i'm going to head home pretty soon i think. i'll work on homework and have lunch then.
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