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a fall out in my physics lab

done with my class now. on the way there, i saw janice so i said hi.

class was interesting. it's my physics lab so i work with three other people. we were working and staying on top of things when all the sudden, one of the people in my group blew up at us. saying that we aren't focused and that we aren't taking the class seriously. this is an odd thing to say, though. he was a little behind where the rest of the group was and was trying to catch up. all we (the rest of the group) were doing was discussing the questions that analized the lab experiments. so i was rather confused by his comments. also, it ruined the positive work vibe that we had so the group is now behind. that really sucks. bah! stupid people.

i'm going to head home pretty soon i think. i'll work on homework and have lunch then.


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Sep. 25th, 2000 01:05 pm (UTC)
lame classmates
i hate it when you're sitting in class and someone freaks out. for some reason, for me, it happened much more often in college than in high school. this one guy once blew up at the teacher in the middle of my philosphy course one day. the instructor was leading this open discussion, and the student got all pissed about something and then started arguing with the teacher, and then began ranting about how he'd missed a ton of classes because he'd been in a mental institution. finally he just got up and stormed out.

i know college can be stressful, but damn. it's the pinnacle of lame drama to interrupt a class like that just because you're having a bad semester. :P and i can only imagine how difficult it would be to try to come back to class after an outburst like that. you'd have to be all "hi, um, sorry i yelled and walked out and freaked everyone out. now let's get to learnin'!" hehe.
Sep. 25th, 2000 02:01 pm (UTC)
Re: lame classmates
it was very strange. he totally had this 'i'm right and your wrong additude' and everyone else in the group was like 'about what? what the hell are you talking about?'

needless to say, he may leave our group cause of it. that would suck but i think we could manage.
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