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Xpm can die now

went and hung out with evan for a bit. watched this crazy ass video of a funny looking guy doing the most amazing juggling i have EVER seen. seriously folks, this was hardcore stuff. after that, we played around on the computer a bit. i showed ever a niffy trick with bash i learn. check here for details. :)

stopped by my house for a short bit. nothing new there, though. then came back the kathy's house. now i'm trying to fix a little problem i'm having with vi (the backspace key is not working) but having problems with it. don't know why it stopped working in vi in the first place. didn't change anything so i just don't know. anyway, i was trying to upgrade vim to see if maybe that will help, but it would compile because it wants libXpm to work and I never could get that to work right. so i guess i have to hack at it a little to make it work. the joys of linux, i guess. *shurg*

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