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so at work. have been for a little bit. going to be running out to lunch soon cause i missed going with anyone else. just met a new guy. yay.

have been going through my email. yesterday, i got one, all day. but as soon as i went to bed, BOOM! it's like everyone woke on, logged on, started commenting on my journal and sending me messages. i love it. email is great. :)

also, in the car i was listening to breakbeat era. super cool. while listening to it, i remembered my dream from last night. it's weird and there are some of my friends in it. i will type what i remember now.

i was at some school (it seems like a weird cross between liberty high school and Bellevue community college) with evan and two people i don't know. a guy and a girl. the guy and the girl seem to be a couple because the keep on making out and taking each others clothes off. but as soon as the clothes are off, more clothes are there. so they can take their clothes off forever. so after a little bit, we all decide to leave. as we are leaving, ryan runs up and asks for a ride. i say "sure but we can't take any more people then that" he says "ok" and then we all go pile into my car. I'm driving, but it's like I'm driving my car from another car cause I'm watching myself drive. but cars keep on getting in the way and i can't see what I'm doing. I'm worried cause i don't want to hurt anyone but i can't seem to maintain control. i try to change lanes to make it so i can see my car better and i end up crashing my car. but no one stops and my car keeps on driving. so I'm like, "ok, it's just a dent" but the passenger side door is gone and the car is totaled. if this was reality, there would have been no way the car could have driven. and that's when i wake up. i needed to share cause it was distracting my thoughts on the drive to work.

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