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feh on modems

i just finished watching 'batman'. movie rules. always has, always will. yep yep yep.

i am still having problems with the connection on my linux box. this confuses me cause it seems to connect fine downstairs on my parents computer. it's not like i changed anything. i was monitoring the message log and noticed that one of two things seems to happen.
A) i get a lot of noise and junk characters messup the log in process.
b) i don't get any log in prompt at all.
that makes me cross. i'm split cause i want to use my computer on the internet, but i hate fighting with modems. they are satan's tool and they tell me to burn things. bah! maybe i'll go out for a drive or something. i would say watch another movie, but i'm not sure what one. i have played to much video games today so that's not an opinion either. feh feh feh.

i feel helpless cause i don't know how to fix this.

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