The Greatest Fucking Genius of All Time (patrick) wrote,
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friends, a movie, and an illness

back from hanging with everyone. first, me, mark and ali left and met up with faith. we when and had dinner at a indian restaurant. it was too hot for me. :( normally i love hot foods. it was strange.

after that, we hung out at faiths for a while and then evan came over. lots of good hanging time. said goodbyes to evan (he is leaving for a week) and then left for the movie.

we went and saw the movie 'the cell'. it was pretty good. i'm liking it the more i think about it. great special effects. maybe more on the movie latter.

after the movie, hung out at adam's with ryan, carley, bill, jeff, kim, mark, ali, jon. i think that's it. lots of people. good times and talking. unfornately, i am sick. running nose and cough and sneezing. that's no fun for me. feh. i enjoyed the people, not the illness. well, i'm going to bed now. some sleep will do me good.
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