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I have returned!

I just got back from the wedding trip. Jim and Suszanna's wedding was really nice. the service was short, and the reception was a lot of fun. I got a little drunk, and hung out with mark, tim and this girl named ann who was in europe for a while when mark was there. she has FAA parents as well. there was a lot of talking and laughing and drinking.

after the reception, we went to this party at suzanna's sister's house. again, lots of fun. talked to lots more people and i can't remember most of their names. mostly hung out with the crew, plus mike, the best man at the wedding. he is an interesting person. as mark put it, he is a 25 year old that spends too much time hitting on younger women (like ann). heheh. on the drive home, we got kinda lost, but that's how it goes, i guess.

today, me and mark went back with ann and her parents. we quickly discovered how crazy ann is(she would fit in well with my circle of friends). we got back to her house, i met her sister aimee, who mark is better friends with cause she is the same age as us. she didn't hang out much though cause she was with her boyfriend and she saw practice with thier band. at one point ann jumped into the pool with all her clothes on. she is an odd one.

after hanging out at that house, ann's mom took me, mark and ann to the theater where we saw x-men. it was the third time for me. i still enjoyed it. that's a good thing. after the movie, ann's mom took me and mark back to my house. we said our good byes and now we sit, thinking how nice it would be to hang out with the seattle crew. no luck yet, though.

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