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events of the night. some thoughts on sex

i am home. i got my car back today. me and my dad went out to look into a stereo too. i'm getting it installed tomorrow at 5 pm.

i went and hung out at evan's for a while. we went to dinner and talked a lot. haven't really spent time with evan like that in a while. it was cool.

i came home and watched some tv. now i'm sitting at my computer and thinking.

an interesting thing happened today. I was walking to my car when i was leaving evan's and there was a car right next to mine. in the backseat, a couple was having sex. part of me liked looking into the car and seeing that. part of me wanted to go and leave them be. so i paused a moment, and then hurried on my way. it left me thinking, though. i was thinking about sex and people's reaction to it. is it just because it's such a personal thing that our society makes such a big deal about it? i mean it doesn't bother me looking at it or having it, but there seems to be this hang up about talking about it i have. it's a subject that makes me grow uncomfortable when it's brought up. i don't like that reaction i have. i'm even having a hard time writing this cause i know people will read it. i try and understand what this hang up i have with that and i'm not sure. i know some people don't mind talking about it and some people like talking about it cause of a shock value but it's always been a difficult subject. i can't bring it up myself.

i think i'm rambling now. i'm going to think about this some more. maybe porn will ease my thoughts. *shurg*

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