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sneak preview

I left work a little before 5. I went to ali's house and we then went to the uptown theater to see the movie, 'Coyote Ugly'. it was a sneak preview of the movie. It was better then I expected. I was suprised. There isn't a lot of plot, but then I don't think anyone was expecting plot from that movie. The acting wasn't bad and the movie was pretty funny.

after the movie, we got dinner at dick's and then went to the u-district to tower records. I bought 5 cds. they are:

art of noise: the seduction of claude debussy
art of noise: the ambient collection
phillip glass :violin concerto, ned rorem :violin concerto, leonard bernstein: serenade (all three of these were on one cd)
KLF: Chill Out
nin: broken (my other copy has the rare 3". I needed the normal one so i can listen to it.)

after getting those cds, i took ali home. now i'm home. today while i was gone, two things happened. the phone company came and fixed my phone, and mark's mom carol arrived.

it is currently hot and stuffy in my room. i wish this room had air circulation. it really needs it. with all the computers in here, it's even worse.
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