The Greatest Fucking Genius of All Time (patrick) wrote,
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Well, i'm awake. my parents having big plans for doing house work. feh. "pat, please disregard any plans you have for your weekend." well, no really, but it feels like that.

plans for today: i'm meeting up with mike to give him back 'hard boiled'. ali wanted to hang out today. erin's party is tonight. i think that's it.

last night, i was coming home from work, and erin called me. she asked if i would go shopping with her. i agreed and so we go to nordstrom. i buy lots of new clothes. after doing that for a while, we go to broadway and get food. then we hang out at joe's. after that, we go back to erin's place. this is a very short telling of this, mainly because i don't want to talk about details.

currently, i have a small headache.
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