The Greatest Fucking Genius of All Time (patrick) wrote,
The Greatest Fucking Genius of All Time

old computer parts for sale

i just got back from my mom's friend's house. we were there looking at the computers that she has. the deal is that her husband, who was a big computer nerd, was killed in a car accident. so now there is this room full of old computer parts that she doesn't know what to do with. she has to move out soon because she can't afford the rent, and all that stuff has to go. so i was over there seeing what's there, if there is anything i want, and if i know what to do with the rest of the stuff. she wants to sell it, but most of the computers are not running and incomplete. there is a lot of parts just laying around. if anyone needs some random computer parts, talk to me and we can get some of those parts from that house. i am going to buy a 166 mhz computer with all the parts i need to make it run, so i'll make a little server with it.

so i have the cd player in my car working now, so i want to drive somewhere.
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