The Greatest Fucking Genius of All Time (patrick) wrote,
The Greatest Fucking Genius of All Time

debts and lectures

goddamn goddamn goddamn.
my mom just told me that she wants all my debts from the car accident payed off by the end of the summer. this means that i owe about $2500 that i have to pay off by the end of the summer. that means that very paycheck i have is going into that. this destroys any plans to move out in the summer. this also destroys any plans for road trips, vacations, concerts, etc. i can maybe afford going out to movies sometimes.
bah! being in debt sucks.

as i write this my mom keeps walking in to the room and talking to me. god i hate her. fucking leave me alone! she accuses me of all these things. giving her opinions and advice, i don't want to hear it. arg. i know that there is other people that have it worse, but this is still pretty bad. i just want to move on. but she just keeps walking in and giving me lectures on being responsible.

well, i need to finish getting my room ready. my brother is going to be sleeping in here i guess. i also have to mow the lawn before i go. they yell at me to go to work, then instead of letting me go when i wake up when they want me to, they have me do chores instead of going to work.
back to the chores.

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