May 4th, 2006


What will I listen to while I drive my car?

My iPod is unhappy and is making these sad little sounds, like if it's trying to get it's hard drive to spin up, but it just can't seem to do it.
This started when I had the iPod connected to the computer and I was trying to sync it. The sync request came back with an error and it told me that the iPod was in read-only.
I'm going to my nearest apple store to see if they can help me.

iPod part 2

The apple store at Bellevue Square wasn't busy at all. I had registered an appointment with the service counter there (called the Genius Bar) online, but there wasn't any waiting and they actually helped me slightly before my registered time. The guy at the counter, who strangely reminded me of mikeprincipito, said that my iPod was having hard drive failure. He had me sign a piece of paper, told me my warranty lasted until this October and if I wanted to extend it for another year, it would cost $60, and handed me a new (or maybe refurbished) iPod.

Apple handled the warranty quick and without much hassle. I was told that I could exchange the iPod through the mail, if I wanted to wait a couple days, but driving to the store is easier. It's unfortunate that my iPod crapped out after eight months of use and I have to reload this new one with all the music, but at least I have a shiny new iPod to enjoy once again.

Voice Post: prophetic words.

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“...everytime i drive on the seattle viaduct, uh, highway 99...
(goatboy sounds)
i dare god to kill me with an earthquake
just because i can and it never happens
but one of these days it will,
i know it, it'll be like, 2024
and i'll be driving
and and i'll be like "God, I dare you!"
and then an earthquake will hit the city,
and me and everyone else will die.”

Transcribed by: multiple users