December 7th, 2005


Year-In-Summary meme

A Year-In-Summary meme:

Go to the FIRST POST of every month.
Grab the LAST SENTENCE of each post.
Put 'em here.

January: I would like to control that a bit more.
February: You know you want to be there.
March: I'm funny.
April: Anyone and everyone is invited.
May: Holding in emotions is not the best way to deal with your problems.
June: You know, it does feel like mono.
July: And why do I have to be at work in a hour?
August: Fuck being a normal person, I want to be VIP forever!
September: He is harder to kill than Jack Bauer and John McClane!
October: I'm sore from all the moving yesterday.
November: Slowly but surely.
December: Happiness is there for the taking.
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