December 1st, 2005

Li'l Brudder

I dream...

I dream that I own and run a micro brewery and pub. I can run a karaoke night there and then when there is something I don't like I about it (like the volume is too loud or the host sucks) I can change it.

I dream that I am living in a house where I have the freedom to listen to music late at night, have people over when I want to and have parties that never suck. It's convenient to get to, but private enough where I don't bother neighbors and they don't bother me.

I dream that I am going to school and studying subjects I enjoy and excel at. I am playing in a music group with other people and we aren't famous but we are respected by people who listen to us. I'm learning and I love it.

I dream that I make enough money where I don't struggle to pay bills, but I don't make too much money that I lose focus of what's important. I can pay for friends when they are down but no one I love struggles too badly.

I dream that I am secure in the relationships that I have and am comfortable to talk about what bothers me. I have someone who can hold me when I need it or I can hold them when they need it. We understand what we each like sexually and are able to satisify each other.

I dream that life is fulfilling and rich. Happiness is there for the taking.