November 23rd, 2005

Li'l Brudder


Poll #618552 The best time of childhood is...

Everyone dreams of the innocence in childhood, but when was truly the best time to be alive?

That "before I can remember" time (2 years or less)
The early memories (2 years to 5 years)
The prepuberty and elementary grade (6 years to 10 years)
The puberty and preteen years (11 years to 14 years)
Teens and high school (15 years to 18 years)
Almost an adult (18 years to 21 years)
Those first adult years (21 years to 30 years)
To infinity and beyond! (31 years to when live starts getting better)
Right Now, It’s your tomorrow, Right now, C’mon, it’s everything, Right now, Catch a magic moment, do it, Right here and now, It means everything

Dwelling on my past and who I am is inevitable while I stay here. Productivity has been low lately and I find myself either moping and hiding from myself or analyzing who I am and searching for answers to questions I'm not asking (or maybe am afraid of asking).

Indulge me for a little bit more of my childishness

I started listening to the Low Flying Owls because I've become a Harry Potter junkie after I absorbed all six books in the past month. The name totally makes me think of the mail delivery owls and I see them in my mind's eye flying around the great hall dropping letters to the children. This isn't fair to the Low Flying Owls, though. They are pretty awesome and they somehow managed to sneak by me until now. They are like Louis XIV, except they don't suck quite as much.
But I'm not all the way through the album and if it becomes any more hippy rockish, I might change my mind.

Harry Potter, that's a tougher subject. I'm impressed with the series, that's for sure. I will be excited when the seventh book comes out. I have all sorts of theories about where J.K. Rowling will take the story in this last book and would love to talk to someone about it. But the whole thing is warping my brains. I keep on thinking about the story, realizing details and following storylines in my head. I was reading it and realized that if I had gone to Hogwarts when I was young, I would have been sorted into Ravenclaw. I thought about getting a Ravenclaw lj icon, but haven't actually decided if I want it. I dream about magic and live in schools. I had a dream a couple weeks ago about Hogwarts being attacked by Zombies and everyone being killed there. I dream happy things sometimes too, but I never remember those things.

Yea... I think I do need some sort of Harry Potterish icon... or at least mention something in my userinfo!

Price Request for

Thank you for your interest in this domain. Please read below carefully and complete our online request form. This domain has a value of at least $888.00.

Once apon a time, I owned a domain name that I let lapse. Now it's doing nothing and someone wants to sell it for some ungodly price.

I miss having a domain name.
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