October 14th, 2005

Black Mage Dance

Re: Cell Phone Service


Cell phone service should be restored shortly, if not already. I will be able to talk to you if you want me (or I want you). I can also start doing dodgeball again. And I can call my parents to let them know when I am sleeping over at some sexy girl's place instead of their house.

Cheese Burger

The lead singer's voice

One of the most common arguments I hear when people talk about bands and why they hate them is that they don't like the singer's voice. They complain that the singer's voice is so annoying that they just can't stand to listen to the music. I have heard this complaint about Modest Mouse, Atmosphere, Death Cab for Cutie and the Postal Service, Belle and Sebastian, Bjork, and many other bands. Personally, I think it's a really weak argument because these are some of my favorite artists and groups and I think the lead singer is just fine and perhaps their quirkiness even makes the band better.

Anyways, I am listening to Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and this band's singer is so strange that my first reaction was that I didn't like it, but listening to the whole album is changing my mind really quickly. He sings like he is drunk, trying to do vibrato in his voice and fails. I think it's officially the new awesome!
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Happy Tree Friends

Mental Update

I complain about my low state of self worth quite a bit, so I figure I should let you guys know when I'm feeling better. Hey everyone, I'm feeling better right now!
My birthday put me in a good state. Things have been going pretty well for me and, although I do have lots of room for improvement, I'm happy with how things have been going. This is good. I like it when I'm not depressed.

There is a party tonight that I need to go to. I'm almost ready but I keep on delaying.
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