September 15th, 2005

judge doom

A couple movie reviews

I watched Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children last night. Square doesn't know how to condense a story into a two hour movie very well. But you know what, after Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, I wasn't expecting too much for the movie. It definitely pays off in the "Oh my fucking god, this looks pretty" department, and the fight scenes are pretty awesome, but the story just lacks.

Basically, take the short that Square made for the Animatrix, replace characters from the Matrix with characters from Final Fantasy 7 and extend it to a full length movie. Then add a couple Akira-like motorcycle scenes and a vague storyline about children with a mysterious sickness and POOF! You have Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.

Anyone that says that Super Troopers is a good movie is a lier and should not be trusted! Well, maybe I'm over-reacting a little, but 20 or 30 minutes of funny sketch comedy does not save the movie. The last two thirds of the movie were so boring!