August 18th, 2005

Cheese Burger


I realize and recongonize that I have been depressed lately and that my self-esteem is low right now. I need to remember that I am not the failure and fuck up that I sometimes call myself. Why join the other side who is trying to berate me? I am better than this petty bickering with myself.

My inter-voice is just a little out of control. I need to practice fighting myself back with I start treating myself unfairly.

Last night, I ran over and killed a cat on accident. That kinda sucked. Other than that, the night was awesome. I went to Trivia/Karaoke at the EMP with goldfischegirl where we met up with hydrozoa and other people. Jarod came out a little bit later and more nonsense was had until late. I also watched Halloween: Resurrection. Just another sub par horror film.