August 16th, 2005



This depression is weighing me down too much. I feel like I'm not worth the air I breathe and people are better off if I'm not around.
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Napoleon Dynamite

Quick movie reviews

This movie was stupid. How come Tilda Swinton is so cool and yet is in so many lame movies?

Halloween 4 and Halloween 5
Campy to the max, but I liked these two films more than Halloween and Halloween 2. But overall, the halloween series is nowhere near the quality that Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th reached. The only thing Mike Myers is really good at is slaughtering the entire police force of Haddonfield, which he manages to do several times but try as he might, he can't kill an annoying little girl and an old crazy doctor who is obsessed with him.

The Aristocrats
It was definitely funny and some moments of brilliance, but I would say to wait until it comes out on video. We can rent it on DVD and have an Aristocrats party where we watch the movie and then everyone tries to gross each other out with their own ideas for the joke.

The Corporation
This movie was long. Very long. It's interesting and worth watching if you have the attention span to handle it.