July 23rd, 2005


For your consideration

  • I've been feeling so recluse lately. I have been wanting to write something, to share something, but I can't seem to tap into my creative juices.
  • Carkeek Park has a beautiful beach that's great for flying kites.
  • I prefer Greenlake as the place to walk or jog. The park attracts so much eye candy that it makes it easy to come back.
  • Tonight I'm going to see The Godfather at midnight at the Egyptian. I have never seen the Godfather before.
  • I haven't taken any action towards completing my resume yet.
  • I have a new found fondness for the tv show Lexx, which is actually really smart and funny dispite it's cheesy, bizarre look.
  • I am enjoying the limited amount of dating I've done recently and would really like to do more.