June 11th, 2005


Accident Prone

In typical Patrick fashion, after a night of drinking on Thursday, I was walking up the walkway to the house and I misstepped. I fell to the ground and landed all wrong, twisting my ankle pretty badly. Keely pulled me up and I was able to get into the house and sit down. I was too drunk to really think about taking care of it, so I went to bed after a little bit. When I woke up yesterday morning, my ankle had swollen up and I couldn't walk at all. Ashley came to my rescue and got me an ice pack and some food. I holed up for most of the day, watching movies and avoiding moving too much until the night when I attempted a party with mild success. It's feeling a little bit better already and I can walk, although I'm limping a lot.

I have gotten hurt more times in the past year than I really care to count. If only I was getting laid this much!
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