May 29th, 2005


Ups and Downs

Sasquatch was great. The weather was hot and sunny. The only place I got
sunburned is on the top of my head, since I forgot to bring a hat. The
sunscreen did it's job for the rest of my body, though. The women were
beautiful and wearing a lot of skin. Bikinis and short skirts make me moan
with desire. The music was vibrant and the musicians were excited to be
there. I was especially impressed with Blue Scholars and the Arcade Fire.
Other highlights would be Bobby Bare Jr, Modest Mouse, USE and the Pixies.
Finally, making out with a mysterious girl behind one of the concession
booths topped my day to perfect, even though I don't know her name or where
she is from.

In contrast, today I woke up a little late for work and the day has been
spent listening to either coworkers or customers complaining constantly. It
wears on my soul. I don't like to talk about my job much at all, and that
makes me think that I need to find something new to do.