May 11th, 2005


I'm in Los Angeles today...

I'm heading to be soon. I have to be up early to go to work in the morning and then I have to hurry to the airport after work to catch a plane. I will be in Los Angeles wednesday evening. I will be back in Seattle next week on Tuesday evening.

I'm really excited about this trip. I so need to escape Seattle for a little bit and escape my life for a little bit. I will mostly be doing my own thing trying to figure out which way is up while I'm there. If you are in the area and would like to meet up with me, by all means let me know. My cell phone number is 206.351.9670. Call me while I'm down there and we can try to arrange something. Strangers and stalkers are welcome too!

I'm ready to be a new person when I come back.
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    Death Cab for Cutie - Why You'd Want to Live Here?
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